Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I really want

So, like most beaders, we have started to accumulate quite a huge collection of beads in the last 4-5 years and now we are looking into different storage options. Our current storage is plastic bins inside a huge dresser. When we start a piece we open the drawers, take out all the bins we need, and then start to work. This process is drivng me bonkers! What I really want is this........
 Behold the Ikea Alex. A wonderful storage solution that can hold all our supplies and make our live so much easier. I am dreaming of having all our colors and trays organized and visible. I think this might just be the solution to all our storage conundrums. If anyone else has one of these lovely cabinets, let us know how your lives have been made better by owning one! I am thinking three might just do it. And they have wheels. :)


  1. Get this you wont be disappointed. I use mine for scrapbooking and its wonderful.

  2. There are lots of storage options at the container store. Ikea stuff is horrible.

  3. I love my Alex. Dont listen to the negative. Its a great storage unit. Try it!